About Us

Same but different.

We are a small team based out of Perth, Western Australia. We started the OpenLab with the aim of creating a space/culture that allowed our customers to either gain access to people who can build their ideas, or supply the parts required so that they could build their own ideas.

The OpenLab is ever evolving with reach into many different areas of technology. In our current form the OpenLab’s primary means of business is through the retail of components, however we are slowly pushing into a development and services function also.

Health, Safety & Environment

Our HSE message

OpenLab (WA) Pty Ltd acknowledges that the provision of a safe and healthy working environment is not just a Legislative requirement, but more importantly, a personal standard we all set for ourselves at all times. The OpenLab is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, sub-contractors and visitors.
  • Elimination of all work related injury and illness.
  • Zero environmental impact of all business on-goings.

For detailed information on our Policies, Procedures and attitudes towards HSE, click here!


Our Customers

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