NQ Inventory

An RFID Inventory management solution that actually works.

What is it?

NQ Inventory is a combination of software and hardware which makes inventory management a breeze. The system utilises long range RFID technology to allow an inventory manager to quickly and efficiently account for any items in a store, shop or warehouse. The system saves companies time and money by speeding up processes that can usually take weeks or in some cases months to complete. The NQ-Inventory system replaces out-dated methodologies with cutting edge technology that just works.
NQ Inventory leverages RFID technology to increase efficiency in your workplace to reduce costs. Some of the time saving features are:

  • High speed stocktake from standalone handheld device, no need for access to the computer.
  • Equipment can be checked in and out via the handheld reader wherever you are in the store.
  • Item and user transaction logs provide a mechanism to be able to audit item and user usage patterns
  • Inspection/Servicing reminders and history.
  • Optional Anti-theft deterrent scanners on exit zones to detect items being removed that have not been ‘checked out’.
  • Reporting system to record which tools are currently checked out, missing items, items requiring inspection or servicing, plus many more.

Tag Keywords

Ability to ‘tag’ items with user defined keywords, so you can intuitively search for equipment, e.g “Battery operated”, “Hand tool”, “Makita”.

Search Filter

Search by checked out user, keywords, item name, item location, service due date, keyword tags and more.

Item Handover

Item handover system to handover an item to another crew or shift

Transactional Logging

Easily view which items are used most frequently, or which users are not returning items.


Reporting system that can periodically generate reports that contain checked out items, missing items, items in handover and which areas need stocktaking.


Industrial wireless handheld scanner with LCD display for checking in and out items as well as performing stocktakes.

User Security

Inbuilt group security to customise user roles to suit your application


Intuitive and easy to use software package. A logical interface without the steep learning curve.

The handheld reader connects to WIFI and synchronises with the PC software, the handheld reader is capable of performing the following functions:

  • Display ‘checked out’ items for logged in user.
  • Capturing photos and sending them to the server.
  • Checking items in and out.
  • Performing stocktakes on different locations.
  • Reporting items missing or found.
  • Viewing scanned item details.

Any changes made to items on the PC are automatically synchronised to the handheld reader, there is no need to ‘dock’ the reader unlike other systems. Adding a new item is simple, the tag is scanned a photo is taken using the handheld and the finer details are filled out on the PC.

Where can I use NQ Inventory?

NQ Inventory has been tailored for use in ‘tool store’ scenarios, but can also be used in office environments where computer or office equipment needs to be tracked, libraries, shops, toy stores, or construction sites. RFID technology is a powerful tool and overcomes a lot of downfalls that barcodes have, it is versatile and heavy duty which makes it great for industrial use. Many types of RFID tags are available, from stickers to rugged heavy duty tags. Anti-theft scanners can also be added to the system which adds an additional layer of security and deterrent to potential thieves.

Read ranges are affected by many factors, the material they are mounted to, the power of the reader and the size and type of tag. Generally the larger the tag the better the read range is. Small tags have small antennas and therefore cannot be read as far, some tags actually use the item they are mounted on as part of their antenna, this is the case for tags made specifically for mounting on metallic items.

Tags are generally either affixed by a sticky backing on the tag, or by Epoxy resin. For light duty applications sticky back tags can be used, however for heavy duty or industrial applications Epoxy is recommended. Epoxy is an extremely durable method of attachment which not only prevents easy removal but also provides additional protection to the tag.

Virtually any item can be tagged with an RFID tag, from spanners, grinders, computers, binders, books, toys, even sockets! Due to the vast range of tags available virtually any item can be tagged securely with an RFID tag and due to the ruggedness nature of the tags and mounting solutions you will generally only need to tag an item once in its lifetime.

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