The Process

Firstly we listen to the customer and brainstorm a solution over a period of time. We utilise this time to ensure that our team has a thorough understanding of the task. We take advice from subject matter experts and input from the customer to formulate a course of action that both parties are happy with.

1. Design

We design a product utilising the most up to date and modern tools. Including state of the art CAD/CAM software, electronics design software and other modern technologies.

2. Create

We create prototypes of that design to ensure functionality matches the expectations of the customer.

3. Innovate

Through innovation and modern manufacturing techniques we are then able to deliver a fully functional project to the customer.

3D Printing

With multiple 3D printers on site we can generally produce prototyped models in hours.

Electronics Design

Our lab includes the tools to conduct electronics design work in house.

Rapid Prototyping

We have all the tools to be able to rapidly produce a mock-up or prototype of the idea you are trying to bring to life.

RFID Systems

Our team has plenty of experience in the RFID field including hardware and software projects covering tool inventory systems, maintenance systems and access control systems. (NFC, UHF, MiFare, HID etc etc.)

3D Design

The OpenLab has the tools and knowledge available to create your idea in the 3D space. Being able to visualise your project prior to being built is just one step closer to a complete project.

CNC Routing

The large format CNC router allows us to produce prototype enclosures, brackets, mounts, stand-offs and more out of multiple material types.


The OpenLab programmers have experience in many fields including C, C++, C#, SQL and much more. If we don't know the language, we will source someone that does.

Android/IoS Development

The in house programming gurus can take you through the process for designing an application through to physically creating the app and getting it live on the app store.

Laser Cutting/Engraving

The Laser cutter at the lab is available to cut and engrave your project if required. If your job is to large for our laser then we have some good contacts to ensure the job gets done right and to budget.